Will Bewley

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Founder. Day dreamer.

Hey 👋 I’m Will, Co-founder & CEO of Woflow, a data infrastructure company based in San Francisco, CA. We're backed by Base10 Partners, Construct Capital and Craft Ventures.

I'm passionate about creating products that drive progress and advancement in society. At Woflow we're focused on helping millions of traditional businesses digitize and sell their products online.

In my free time, I prioritize staying healthy and expanding my knowledge through reading and learning about topics that interest me. Additionally, I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs by sharing my experiences and insights.

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How this site was made using ChatGPT

I decided to rebuild my personal website by playing around with ChatGPT. I spent about 30 minutes making this site, and it's hosted for free using Github Pages.

Feel free to check out the repo and this blog post if you're interested in learning about the process. I also recorded the process here: